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Sorry to be brutally honest, but after having to endure this POV camcorder caper which is all the rage at the moment, I just couldn't wait to get my trotters on the lovely Stella unhindered! Luckily Lara Latex was on hand to take over and I launched myself onto the lovely Stella like a man shot out of a cannon! However, for some strange reason, I decided NOT to rip her panties, but instead simply tore down her fishnet tights, yanked her panties to one side and jammed my dick ball deep into her wet pussy and fucked her brains out! For some strange reason, I continued in this vein until the very end, having exhausted every position in the Kama Sutra (Extreme) Vol 10 and more and then simply shot my load into the lovely Stella's willing mouth!» watch video!
Christen, Phwoar To WHORE!
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After Christen crazed sex antics of last week, I thought things could only get better when I sent her to get dressed up as the commonest of common prostitutes. Christen certainly didn't disappoint and when she reemerged in red fishnet stockings, micro mini-skirt and over knee boots it took me back to my "roots". That was the original concept behind jimslip.com when the plan was first hatched over 12 years ago, when all the girls dressed like whores and chewed gum! Now, folks make sure you have a jumbo box of Kleenex Mansize (Or the new Hog-Snout size would be better) to hand and make sure you are shackled to something solid. During this period of lunacy, you could quite easily find yourself crashing through a window and plunging, naked to your death, still hanging on to your dick to the busy streets below. With the jimslip sign on your back it will be nice to get some free publicity! So beware and remember, "Don't make Health & Safety an issue!"» watch video!
Lina Goes Loopy With Lust
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All the preparation for her trip to the South Pole had made Lina extremely fit and with fitness comes an insatiable sexual appetite! Lara now held the camcorder so I was free to ravage Lina, but it was very much the other way around. Lina flung me on the sofa and simply climbed onto me and used my dick to satisfy herself. Frankly I was quite shocked that a Penguinologist would behave in such an untoward and sluttish manner. At one point Lina stripped naked apart from her long white socks and then standing proudly in front of Lara, masturbated to a full orgasm before once again leaping back onto my dick! There was no stopping this girl and when she had finally gobbled my dick until she'd squeezed every last drop of spunk out of it, I was left a physical wreck whilst she on the other hand donned her rucksack, waved "Au revoir!" and bounced out of the apartment to catch a plane for Antarctica to fulfil her dream! » watch video!
Anal Maniac Tassia
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As you will see, Tassia is truly a sex crazed teen who simply wouldnt take, No! Enough, already!? for an answer. Well, to be honest at no point in the proceedings did I actually say, ?No!? to her, but I was tempted for a millisecond.Not content with being fucked senseless in the more traditional sense, she now demanded a full on sex crazed anal session! Just imagine, she was on her hands and knees, tights ripped to shreds and panties in pieces, bum hole beckoning whilst looking around at me and telling me to stuff my cock into her juicy, tight arse. Well, to be honest, I was shocked to the core at this disgusting suggestion and considered for a full half second whether I should acquiesce to her demand for rampant anal action. But not wishing to be a party pooper, I jammed my dick in her bum with no further ado! » watch video!
Leyla's Panties Ripped To Shreds
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Not content with her satin ensemble, we then dressed her up as a cheap slut in fishnets, skimpy panties and thigh high boots and then fucked her brains out. She seemed to enjoy this new role dressed as a cheap whore and relished marching about the flat certainly annoying the gran who lives below us. Luckily she wears double hearing aids (Not Leyla, the gran downstairs) so she misses most of the crazed shenanigans going on above. I should say you will be more than impressed by me shooting my load all over high nice bum, framed by her shredded panties and for once my aim was straight and true! (I mean Leyla's bum not that of the gran downstairs with the deaf aids, just thought I should point that out!) » watch video!
Welcome to Jim Slip's mad, mad, World! Here my wife, Lara, films me shagging the cutest girls on Earth! See them, plucked from the streets, dressing up in tiny skirts, stockings and high heels and behaving like wanton sluts for Lara's camcorder! Watch, as I am ordered to fuck 100's, yes 100's! of these babes, by my ever demanding wife! On top of all this, you can get Lara's own website, www.larasplayground.com , totally FREE, when you join ShagDad.com ! Lara makes me film HER getting fucked and I love seeing my wife, in her stockings and suspenders, cumming on another man's cock! Jim Slip, putting the "Shock & Phwoar" into British porn since 2002!

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